“How fun is it to start as a vampire vs. a mortal?”

So, we’ve gotten this question as staff several times – what is going to be more fun, vampire from the beginning or mortal who is turned? Well, if you are asking about fun, both are going to be a blast to play. But they will be different.

Playing a Mortal

If you start out a mortal in A Night in Question, you will have the thrill of discovering your situation, as well as experiencing the metamorphosis as you and your friends descend into monstrosity. You will experience terror; followed by a twisting of who you are into this new monstrous self.

You will be on the frontline of the spectacle and revelation of the evening, learning from the ground up what it is to be a victim of the Sabbat.

Ultimately, the mortals have the most flexible and wide experience of the night. You do not know where you will end up, and how you will end up. The fate that awaits you is hidden in the darkness of the night.

Just because you are a more experienced player does not mean you have to play a vampire at the beginning of the night! You can have a fantastic experience either way.

Playing a Sabbat

If you start out a vampire in A Night In Question, you have chosen to be an architect of the night’s monstrosities. But you will have duties, loyalties and maneuvering to do. You will know more of what is going on – but also your fellow Sabbat have more motivation to hide things from you.

You will have a more focused experience. You are here to do a job, and what the job is varies. You will have your own conspiracies and secrets to keep, and dark desires to play out. You will be immune to most of the terror, but will become more embroiled in the petty struggles of the Cainites.

The Sabbat vampires have the most reserved and focused experience, but also more control of the situation. But by nature, they will have a less horrific one as the architects of that horror.

Much like the dark unspoken compromise of all Sabbat, you have given up freedom for power.

You will have an awesome time no matter what

This game is going to be a unique and fantastic experience. You can play either way, and while there are limited vampire slots available due to the nature of the plot, that does not mean these characters are more valuable. They are different experiences that will be awesome either way.

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