Character Selection, Charity Tickets and More

May the night find you all well, Cainites. Here are some updates on the game and answers to some common questions.

One, thank you so much to everyone who shared and supported this project. We could not have reached 100+ players without you, and it’s an amazing moment for our team and for Vampire: The Masquerade LARP in general. So what now?

Character Selection

Character selection is slated to start in August. Why? We put a huge focus on making sure everyone is intertwined and integrated into the night’s story. Our writing team is scribbling their maddened bloodthirsty hearts out, and every character is going to have a great story to tell.

We are starting to reach out to all our war packs and walking feast tickets over the next few weeks and solidifying their characters, and then we have to submit all our content to White Wolf for approval and feedback. That gives them the chance to make sure we’re handling the World of Darkness in the best way – and also give us some extra tidbits to put into the game.

Character Connections

Some of you have requested to be linked up with specific other players. If you bought a group ticket – such as the Walking Feast or War Pack – you will be grouped together into a custom-made group. But if you bought a regular ticket, don’t despair.

The Larpweaver tool we are using allows people to select into groups easily, so you can work with your friends to get into the same groups so long as there are slots available. If you don’t manage to do that, talk to the staff and we can arrange something.

Charity Tickets

Many of you are members of Mind’s Eye Theater clubs – Underground Theater, the Mind’s Eye Society, One World By Night. We’ve announced elsewhere that we are donating tickets to those organizations to be auctioned off for charity.

Included are some unique and desirable characters such as Black Hand Members in red envelopes, along with some secret characters that we don’t want to reveal too much about so as not to spoil the fun in black envelopes. All of these tickets include one admission to The Night In Question.

Don’t worry about anyone “paying to win.” In the collaborative bespoke style of play, what happens to your character only happens with your consent. These are just unique characters that will add to everyone’s experience but many people would like to play. So we decided to auction them off for charity and to support the clubs which have grown and supported Vampire LARP for so many years, rather than decide on our own how to hand them out.

What if I want one but I already bought a ticket?

If you’ve already paid for a ticket but want one of the red or black envelope characters, go ahead and bid. If you win one, we can transfer your regular ticket to another player. Please note, War Packs and Walking Feasts, many special characters are not compatible with your package, so you might need to give your slot to someone else you chose. Or you can make it a scholarship ticket open to players who might not be able to attend otherwise that have contacted us.

Just talk with us after you win. We can also refund your money if you really want us to, but we hope you share the love and give someone a chance to play since we need ticket sales to fund awesome props and to pay our writers, and we are not getting any money from these auctions.

Tickets are still available

We still have 80 tickets left for the night. Our cap is 200 players, and we’re rapidly approaching max capacity. You can buy your tickets here!

This is going to be awesome!

There are no words for how excited the team is for this game, and I know there’s a lot of buzz in the community about this.

In the meantime:

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Thank you so much for all of your support! Praise Caine!