The Night in Question 3 Postponed, Now Set for Sept. 11th, 2021

Jackalope Live Action Studios has postponed the third run of The Night in Question by one year, to September 11th, 2021.

People are more important than LARP. Nothing we do is worth risking the lives and well-being of our players, our staff, and our loved ones. When we began watching the COVID-19 situation early this year, we had hoped that the pandemic would be over by the end of the summer. But this has become extremely unlikely, for a variety of reasons.

We share your frustration and disappointment at having to do this. We love running our events, and this is the first postponement we’ve done in three years. But we look forward to running a safe and awesome event – now with extra preparation!

Next year, it will be one hell of a party.


At this time, all tickets for the 2020 event are being honored for the 2021 event. Tickets will be changed to be available for next year, and can still be purchased for the new date.

Given our existing commitments and contracts, we cannot offer refunds at this time.

The Event Location & Hotel

The game’s location of Cauldron’s Keep has not changed, but we are currently changing arrangements with our hotel. As such, a new hotel block is not available and the game’s designated hotel may change. 

If you have purchased a Blooded or True Monster ticket, you do not need to do anything. Jackalope will handle the new reservations included with these tickets. If you reserved a room with the hotel directly, you will need to contact them to receive a refund.


If you have selected a character, or have a custom character being written, you keep that character for the new 2021 run.


Please message us at or using the #ask-the-staff channel on our Discord.