Guest DJs DIRGE & Dark Wanderer from Insert Scary Name Here! Tickets almost gone!

The Night in Question is a LARP at a rave, which means we need great DJs to set the soundtrack to the slaughter. We’re proud to announce our two star DJs for the night; one from darkest New England, and another king of the German Goth and Industrial scene.

And only 26 regular tickets are left. Get yours soon!

DJ Dark-Wander from [Insert-Scary-Name-Here]

DJ Dark-Wanderer is a essential part of the dark scene in southern Germany for over 20 years now. Dark, rhythmic and first of all danceable is the theme of his sets.

Founding member of [Insert-Scary-Name-Here], resident DJ of the Unverschämt fetish events and “Der Cult” in Nuremberg. No matter if on trucks, trains, in clubs or festivals. DJ Dark-Wanderer always delivers.

DJ DIRGE from Haven

For over twenty five years, DJ DIRGE has been New England’s own living dead DJ. It is the resident of HAVEN, a goth event that has run for over a quarter of a century. DIRGE makes its mixes from a variety of musical genres, from goth, industrial, EDM, synthwave, swing, new wave, and many more. DIRGE has performed at sci-fi & fantasy conventions like Arisia and fetish events such as the Fet Flea.

Throughout its extensive career, DIRGE has run and performed at numerous events – Excess, Allure, Eclipse, and Vigil, just to name a few. It has had the honor of performing with members of VNV Nation; and has hosted parties for KMFDM and The Birthday Massacre. In connection with the World of Darkness, DIRGE has been running and playing in games for nearly thirty years. It has been the storyteller for multiple large World of Darkness convention LARPs. It has also been a storyteller for several national and international LARP organizations. When DIRGE is performing, one thing is certain, the music is going to wake the dead.