The Night in Question 3 Postponed, Now Set for Sept. 11th, 2021

Jackalope Live Action Studios has postponed the third run of The Night in Question by one year, to September 11th, 2021.

People are more important than LARP. Nothing we do is worth risking the lives and well-being of our players, our staff, and our loved ones. When we began watching the COVID-19 situation early this year, we had hoped that the pandemic would be over by the end of the summer. But this has become extremely unlikely, for a variety of reasons.

We share your frustration and disappointment at having to do this. We love running our events, and this is the first postponement we’ve done in three years. But we look forward to running a safe and awesome event – now with extra preparation!

Next year, it will be one hell of a party.


At this time, all tickets for the 2020 event are being honored for the 2021 event. Tickets will be changed to be available for next year, and can still be purchased for the new date.

Given our existing commitments and contracts, we cannot offer refunds at this time.

The Event Location & Hotel

The game’s location of Cauldron’s Keep has not changed, but we are currently changing arrangements with our hotel. As such, a new hotel block is not available and the game’s designated hotel may change. 

If you have purchased a Blooded or True Monster ticket, you do not need to do anything. Jackalope will handle the new reservations included with these tickets. If you reserved a room with the hotel directly, you will need to contact them to receive a refund.


If you have selected a character, or have a custom character being written, you keep that character for the new 2021 run.


Please message us at or using the #ask-the-staff channel on our Discord.

Character Selection and COVID-19

As The Night in Question 2020 looms closer, we’re tackling two important questions today – when will character selection open, and what about the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

Character Selection Begins July 3rd

We will be opening character selection on next weekend, beginning July 3rd. If you have bought a ticket, please watch for emails. Invitations are issued in the order that they were purchased. They will go out at regular intervals over the next two days, allowing ticket holders to select their character using the Larpweaver system.

If you already have Larpweaver account, you will be invited to sign in using your existing account. If you do not have a Larpweaver account, you will receive a special link to register one.

The best place to get support and get questions answered during character selection is the Jackalope Live Action Studios Discord. You can join the Discord using this link:


The COVID-19 pandemic continues. This raises serious ethical issues about running events like the Night in Question during these times. When the global pandemic began early this year, we held off any rescheduling in hopes that it would be safe and the situation resolved by this September.

Obviously, especially in Texas right now, that is not the case. We won’t go into the reasons, save to say, we are as displeased and disappointed as you are. (The words ‘absolutely furious’ come to mind, but we digress.)

We will be making a decision in the next two weeks. If safety concerns demand it, The Night in Question will be rescheduled for approximately the same time next year. If that happens, we will honor all the tickets for the event for the new date. You will keep the characters you have chosen. However, we will ask for your understanding that we won’t be able to issue refunds when we reschedule. Between event costs, overhead, and staff contracts, we won’t be able to recoup much of the event funds.

People are more important than LARPs, and we know you will understand and bear with us in making the right decisions in this difficult time, when it comes time to make them.

Tickets on Sale Now for 2020

Tickets are now on sale for the 2020 run of the Night in Question! The Night in Question 3 will be the biggest and most refined version of the official Vampire the Masquerade horror experience yet, with a larger game site and more effects. New character arcs and refined story beats will make for an even more amazing game than the last two years.

If you missed out before, now is your chance. If you’ve played before, come and experience a new side of the Sabbat’s wild night.

The Night Before: Vampires & Vino with Jason Carl, Justin Achilli and More

Announcing a special treat for the Night in Question! On the Friday night before the event, we will be hosting a wine, beer and food social for all our attendees, with a meet & greet with LA By Night Storyteller Jason Carl, White Wolf alumni Justin Achilli and other special guests; along with all your fellow players!

If you have a ticket, you can join us Friday, November 15th at the 602 Brewing Company in downtown Bastrop from 8:30PM to 12PM, after our character workshops. We will have the restaurant to ourselves at 9PM, with a full bar and food menu available the first part of the night.

You can see the rest of our schedule here!

Please drink responsibly. Players will not be allowed to attend the event on Saturday under the influence of alcohol. Food and drinks not included with ticket price. 

Character Selection Begins Next Week

Good evening, Cainites!

The Night in Question is this November 16th, 2019. If you have bought a ticket, you will be able to select your character for the Night in Question 2019 beginning next week.

How does it work? Keep an eye on the email you gave us at the time of purchase. You will get an invite to our Larpweaver website, which will guide you to selecting the right character for you. Invites are sent out in the order that tickets were bought, with Blooded tickets going first.

Don’t have a ticket yet? Don’t worry! You can buy a ticket now or later and will be invited to select your character. There are tons of great characters to select from and we haven’t filled all slots yet. Can’t buy a ticket before next week? We will send you an invitation to select your character whenever you buy your ticket, which are available up to the week of the event.

Make sure to buy your ticket soon so you have the most options available! There are only 60 of 160 slots left.

Announcing special guest, White Wolf’s Justin Achilli

Only 18 weeks until the Sabbat take over the night, and we’re announcing another special guest player, Justin Achilli!

Justin Achilli is a game designer with over two decades of experience in commercial computer games, role playing games, card games, and board games. He developed Vampire: The Masquerade and managed the editing and development department for White Wolf Game Studio (now a subsidiary of Paradox Interactive).

He has been involved with the creation of over 150 games products for White Wolf, playing a key role especially in the evolution of World of Darkness titles, and through property development for Vampire the Masquerade PC games. Currently he works in a variety of design functions for Ubisoft Red Storm.

Justin will be playing with us on the Night in Question, in addition to DJing on the party dance floor!

So where will you be on the Night in Question? Tickets are still available.

Announcing special guest, LA By Night’s Alexander Ward!

Only 136 days until the Sabbat take over the night, and we’re announcing another special guest player, Alexander Ward! Alexander is known for his role as Jasper on the hit Vampire: The Masquerade streaming show, LA By Night, and is the actor behind some of the best monsters and creatures on film and television. He’s appeared in American Horror Story, Teen Wolf and Sleepy Hollow.

Alexander is a long-time fan of the Sabbat and Vampire: The Masquerade, and will be portraying one of the Tzimisce Sabbat on the Night in Question.

So where will you be on the Night in Question? Tickets are still available.

Announcing special guest, LA By Night ST Jason Carl!

Announcing Special Guest Player, Jason Carl

The Night in Question is less than four months away, and we are pleased to announced one of our special guest players, Jason Carl. Most of Vampire: The Masquerade fandom will recognize him from his amazing work as the Storyteller for the hit streaming show LA By Night, but that’s only part of his rich background working on World of Darkness products, other roleplaying games and of course, playing and running a LARP or two.

He’s an amazing roleplayer and immensely fun and creative person; and he’s looking forward to portraying his character and role-playing with you all as the Sabbat take over the dance floor on the Night in Question!

The Night in Question returns in 2019, bigger and bloodier!

The second run of the Night in Question will be November 16th, 2019.

Tickets will go on sale November 30th, 2018 at 12PM CST, 1PM EST.  Look at our new prices and deals here.

The first run of the Night in Question was an amazing success, with over 150 participants! We had a great time, the blood flowed and it was an amazing experience. And we’ve been given the greenlight light to do it again next year!

Some important changes this time around!

  • Blood bag tickets will be on sale from the beginning. People wanted more victims. More people wanted to be victims. So, blood bag tickets will be available.
  • Lower Prices. We will be lowering the prices of some tickets.
  • Changes to the Four Acts. We learned some important lessons, and over the next year, we will be rewriting some of the four acts of the game to reflect what we’ve learned.
  • More blood, more gore. We are already designing a ‘blood shower’ for the dance floor.
  • Bigger sets. Cauldron’s Keep is taking the money from our support and will be using it to expand their and add more to their city. And we’ll be doing a bigger badder versions of the Monomacy pit, the dance floor. And other great props are on their way.
  • Shirts will be optional. We will be making limited edition commemorative t-shirts again, but they will be an add-on purchased separately.

There are more changes incoming, but we learned a lot and it is only going to get more awesome.

We look forward to killing you next year!