Character Selection Starts July 9th

September is closer than you think, and so we’re preparing for character selection for the Night in Question! Character selection begins on Saturday, July 9th. Invitations to chose your character in our Larpweaver character software will be sent to the emails you provided with your ticket, in the order that tickets were purchased.

Tickets are available, but going fast! Get yours to get in line for your character now. You can buy tickets here.

If you have any issues selecting a character, feel free to contact our staff on the Jackalope Studios Discord.

New Player’s Guide, Schedule, and Friday Meal Tickets!

Less than two weeks to go until the Night in Question! And we got some awesome news.

Meet & Greet Meal Tickets

We have decided not to hold our Friday Meet & Greet at a restaurant this year. Instead, we will bringing a delicious taste of Texas to y’all. The world-famous Southside Market BBQ in Bastrop will be catering the Meet & Greet with a spread of their BBQ and sides.

To make this happen, we have to presell the meal ticket so we have the right amount of food for everyone who wants to eat at the hotel. So please, buy a meal ticket and enjoy this amazing food with us.

Meal tickets are only sale until 9/3/2021 at Noon! Get yours before then!

New Player’s Guide

Our new player’s guide is out! Please take a look and read up on important rules and schedule changes.

Please pay special attention to the updated schedule.

Updated Schedule

Our schedule has been updated! We will be moving up the start date of the main event to correspond to the later sunset, but will be playing later. Also, we’ve shortened our workshop this year.

Guest DJs DIRGE & Dark Wanderer from Insert Scary Name Here! Tickets almost gone!

The Night in Question is a LARP at a rave, which means we need great DJs to set the soundtrack to the slaughter. We’re proud to announce our two star DJs for the night; one from darkest New England, and another king of the German Goth and Industrial scene.

And only 26 regular tickets are left. Get yours soon!

DJ Dark-Wander from [Insert-Scary-Name-Here]

DJ Dark-Wanderer is a essential part of the dark scene in southern Germany for over 20 years now. Dark, rhythmic and first of all danceable is the theme of his sets.

Founding member of [Insert-Scary-Name-Here], resident DJ of the Unverschämt fetish events and “Der Cult” in Nuremberg. No matter if on trucks, trains, in clubs or festivals. DJ Dark-Wanderer always delivers.

DJ DIRGE from Haven

For over twenty five years, DJ DIRGE has been New England’s own living dead DJ. It is the resident of HAVEN, a goth event that has run for over a quarter of a century. DIRGE makes its mixes from a variety of musical genres, from goth, industrial, EDM, synthwave, swing, new wave, and many more. DIRGE has performed at sci-fi & fantasy conventions like Arisia and fetish events such as the Fet Flea.

Throughout its extensive career, DIRGE has run and performed at numerous events – Excess, Allure, Eclipse, and Vigil, just to name a few. It has had the honor of performing with members of VNV Nation; and has hosted parties for KMFDM and The Birthday Massacre. In connection with the World of Darkness, DIRGE has been running and playing in games for nearly thirty years. It has been the storyteller for multiple large World of Darkness convention LARPs. It has also been a storyteller for several national and international LARP organizations. When DIRGE is performing, one thing is certain, the music is going to wake the dead.

Rising From the Ashes This September

The Night in Question 3 is rising from the ashes this September 10th and 11th in Bastrop, TX. We are working hard on making this a great and gory way to swing back into LARP after the long pause of the last year. So, we have news about schedules, room blocks, and precautions for this September’s event!

The pandemic forced us to cancel last year’s event, but all tickets sold have transferred to this September’s event. If you bought a ticket for last year, you have one for this year. If you have not already, please join our Discord to start collaborating with other players to make a great experience for this year.

If you didn’t buy a ticket yet, there are still a handful available!


We are implementing the following precautions regarding the pandemic this year. While health statistics point to us being able to hold the event safely in September, we are asking that all participants be vaccinated. We will have a thermal camera at registration to check for fever.

Please consult the Jackalope Health and Wellness policies for general guidelines on how we will handle health situations.


Here is the schedule for our two day event. This schedule is subject to change.

Registration Times

Texas Grand Ballroom Foyer, Hampton Inn 2nd Floor

  • Friday: 2pm-4pm
  • Saturday: 10am-1pm

Please have an ID and your ticket details available. We will ask you for the name you are registered under as an attendee.

September 10th, 2021

4:30-7:30pm Character Workshops
Texas Grand Ballroom, Hampton Inn 2nd Floor

Players will workshop their assigned characters together, create new ties, and do roleplaying exercises. Drop in at any time, since this is an optional workshop.

8:30-Midnight Player Meet & Greet
Local Restaurant (TBA)

Meet with your fellow players and special guests, while enjoying food and drink at a local restaurant. We are still finalizing the site for this part of the event. 18 and over welcome.

September 11th, 2021

1:00-4:00pm Safety, Consent and Rules Workshops
Texas Grand Ballroom, Hampton Inn 2nd Floor

Players will workshop safety and consent mechanics, including safe physical play and how to deal with uncomfortable or unusual content. Attendance is required for all players and doors shut at 1:15PM.

6:00pm-Midnight The Night in Question
Cauldron’s Keep

The party begins. The music begins. The site opens at 6:00pm. The introduction sequence begins at 7pm. Then the fun starts, and you get to experience all the horrors and majesty of The Night In Question.

Room Block

Our room block has been finalized for the Night in Question! Click below to get our special rates for the host hotel of the event. Using our room block gets you a discount, and also lets the hotel know you are coming for our event.

More Coming Soon

Be sure to follow our social media accounts and elsewhere to get updates! We will soon have our event t-shirts, hoodies, and other merchandise on sale, along with the announcements of special guests! Here’s a quick preview of this year’s shirt design.

And tickets are still available, but they are still selling out! Less than 40 standard tickets are up for grab, so get yours now if you are still waiting.

We would like to thank the City of Bastrop for their support of our event. For details about other attractions, restaurants, and help with your trip, please visit:

The Night Before: Vampires & Vino with Jason Carl, Justin Achilli and More

Announcing a special treat for the Night in Question! On the Friday night before the event, we will be hosting a wine, beer and food social for all our attendees, with a meet & greet with LA By Night Storyteller Jason Carl, White Wolf alumni Justin Achilli and other special guests; along with all your fellow players!

If you have a ticket, you can join us Friday, November 15th at the 602 Brewing Company in downtown Bastrop from 8:30PM to 12PM, after our character workshops. We will have the restaurant to ourselves at 9PM, with a full bar and food menu available the first part of the night.

You can see the rest of our schedule here!

Please drink responsibly. Players will not be allowed to attend the event on Saturday under the influence of alcohol. Food and drinks not included with ticket price. 

Character Selection Begins Next Week

Good evening, Cainites!

The Night in Question is this November 16th, 2019. If you have bought a ticket, you will be able to select your character for the Night in Question 2019 beginning next week.

How does it work? Keep an eye on the email you gave us at the time of purchase. You will get an invite to our Larpweaver website, which will guide you to selecting the right character for you. Invites are sent out in the order that tickets were bought, with Blooded tickets going first.

Don’t have a ticket yet? Don’t worry! You can buy a ticket now or later and will be invited to select your character. There are tons of great characters to select from and we haven’t filled all slots yet. Can’t buy a ticket before next week? We will send you an invitation to select your character whenever you buy your ticket, which are available up to the week of the event.

Make sure to buy your ticket soon so you have the most options available! There are only 60 of 160 slots left.

The Night in Question returns in 2019, bigger and bloodier!

The second run of the Night in Question will be November 16th, 2019.

Tickets will go on sale November 30th, 2018 at 12PM CST, 1PM EST.  Look at our new prices and deals here.

The first run of the Night in Question was an amazing success, with over 150 participants! We had a great time, the blood flowed and it was an amazing experience. And we’ve been given the greenlight light to do it again next year!

Some important changes this time around!

  • Blood bag tickets will be on sale from the beginning. People wanted more victims. More people wanted to be victims. So, blood bag tickets will be available.
  • Lower Prices. We will be lowering the prices of some tickets.
  • Changes to the Four Acts. We learned some important lessons, and over the next year, we will be rewriting some of the four acts of the game to reflect what we’ve learned.
  • More blood, more gore. We are already designing a ‘blood shower’ for the dance floor.
  • Bigger sets. Cauldron’s Keep is taking the money from our support and will be using it to expand their and add more to their city. And we’ll be doing a bigger badder versions of the Monomacy pit, the dance floor. And other great props are on their way.
  • Shirts will be optional. We will be making limited edition commemorative t-shirts again, but they will be an add-on purchased separately.

There are more changes incoming, but we learned a lot and it is only going to get more awesome.

We look forward to killing you next year!