Character Selection and COVID-19

As The Night in Question 2020 looms closer, we’re tackling two important questions today – when will character selection open, and what about the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

Character Selection Begins July 3rd

We will be opening character selection on next weekend, beginning July 3rd. If you have bought a ticket, please watch for emails. Invitations are issued in the order that they were purchased. They will go out at regular intervals over the next two days, allowing ticket holders to select their character using the Larpweaver system.

If you already have Larpweaver account, you will be invited to sign in using your existing account. If you do not have a Larpweaver account, you will receive a special link to register one.

The best place to get support and get questions answered during character selection is the Jackalope Live Action Studios Discord. You can join the Discord using this link:


The COVID-19 pandemic continues. This raises serious ethical issues about running events like the Night in Question during these times. When the global pandemic began early this year, we held off any rescheduling in hopes that it would be safe and the situation resolved by this September.

Obviously, especially in Texas right now, that is not the case. We won’t go into the reasons, save to say, we are as displeased and disappointed as you are. (The words ‘absolutely furious’ come to mind, but we digress.)

We will be making a decision in the next two weeks. If safety concerns demand it, The Night in Question will be rescheduled for approximately the same time next year. If that happens, we will honor all the tickets for the event for the new date. You will keep the characters you have chosen. However, we will ask for your understanding that we won’t be able to issue refunds when we reschedule. Between event costs, overhead, and staff contracts, we won’t be able to recoup much of the event funds.

People are more important than LARPs, and we know you will understand and bear with us in making the right decisions in this difficult time, when it comes time to make them.

Tickets on Sale Now for 2020

Tickets are now on sale for the 2020 run of the Night in Question! The Night in Question 3 will be the biggest and most refined version of the official Vampire the Masquerade horror experience yet, with a larger game site and more effects. New character arcs and refined story beats will make for an even more amazing game than the last two years.

If you missed out before, now is your chance. If you’ve played before, come and experience a new side of the Sabbat’s wild night.

Vampire: the Masquerade’s Sabbat are back for The Night in Question 3, September 2020!

Want one more of night of terror with the Sabbat? The premier Sabbat horror immersive experience is coming back for one more night, this coming September 2020 to Austin, Texas! Dance in the blood rave! Leap in the fire dance! Dig your way out of your own grave!

Every run of the Night in Question gets better. The feedback has been fantastic, and we’re going to make this next night the best one yet. And as always, splatterpunk as Hell itself.

Tickets will go on sale January 18th at 11am!

Character Selection Opens!

Character selection is open for The Night In Question! Almost everyone who bought a standard ticket should have gotten their invites to sign up for our character selection tool Larpweaver. This tool will help you choose a character that fits your style and limits.

For the last few months, we’ve been donating tickets to fan clubs for auctions or give-aways – and they have brought in over $5000 for charity total! We’ve always had give-aways for podcasts and other partners. If you won one of these tickets, please redeem that the ticketing website by entering the code so you get on the list and get your invitation to choose your character.

If you won one of our special red or black envelope characters, please contact us at if you haven’t already. If you already contacted us, you will be receiving your invites to join the system soon, along with your custom characters pre-built.

Haven’t bought your ticket yet? More are still available!

Also remember to join our Discord!

We’ll see you all in November, and remember – it’s going to be one hell of a party.

Your last chance to buy installment tickets

To make it easier to pay for the Night In Question, we offer an installment plan where you pay a little less than half to reserve a ticket. The remaining amount is due by midnight on July 1st.

If you want to take advantage of this plan, sales for installment tickets cuts off this week, midnight on May 31st.

If you have already bought an installment ticket and wish to pay the remaining amount, click here to make your payment.