Our Team

The Night In Question brings together a talented group of LARPers, writers and crafters from a diverse variety of backgrounds. They are all dedicated to running a fantastic jaw-dropping high-value event. They are just as dedicated to running a safe and ethical event with a positive and enriching culture, where everyone feels safe to go boldly into the darkness.

Jackalope Live Action Studios and all of our partners and staff are dedicated to using live action experiences in an ethical and constructive way. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at info@jackalope-larp.com at any time.

Organizing Team

Matthew Webb

Director and Creative Lead

Matthew Webb is a native of Austin, Texas. He has 17 years of experience managing, and running games; and is an internationally recognized voice for LARP and augmented reality. Professionally, he works with international military and government entities managing live training exercises, which feeds into his passion for live experiences and their potential for broadening the mental landscapes of others.

He has supported efforts surrounding Participation Design Agency’s bespoke Nordic LARPs for White Wolf, including Enlightenment in Blood; and is the lead designer behind the Larpweaver software suite. He has been a long-standing fan of the World of Darkness and horror LARPing – starting out with Cthulhu Live and moving into Vampire: The Masquerade as a member and later storyteller for the Camarilla Fan Club; as well as founding Sanguinus.org, the Internet’s longest running dedicated Vampire: The Masquerade IRC server, and playing World of Darkness tabletop regularly with his friends.

Matthew created the original concept for The Night In Question, bringing his passion for creating new LARP experiences and new ways of doing things to the American LARP scene.


Steve Metze

Director and Outreach Lead

Steve Metze grew up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and after graduating from West Point, began contract writing for Hero Games while deployed to Desert Storm. With a MFA in film and video production, he has over 25 years of experience in military public affairs. During this time, he produced two feature length documentaries, including Über Goober, a film about gaming with a significant portion exploring LARPing with a segment focused specifically on Vampire: The Masquerade.

Steve is a veteran of running intensive, ambitious, multi-year tabletop campaigns, and when not playing he enjoys going back to the flavor texts of White Wolf’s library of source material. He has been an active member of the Austin LARP scene, and was an active early developer of the sci-fi LARP Planetfall, while writing and running his own independent, horror-based LARPs. He brings organization skills, leadership, and decades of experience in game design and execution to The Night in Question.


Charlie Boas

Assistant Producer

Charlie has been a gamer since first playing D&D in the ’70’s. His checkered career includes long stints in live theater, renaissance festivals, and circuses across most of the lower 48 states.

In the theater world he has been tech director, stage manager, designer, rigger, carpenter, actor, and produced props and special effects. At the rennaisance festivals he has been a hawker and a game operator. While growing up on circuses he filled the roles of ringmaster/performance director, rigger, propman, performer, electrician, canvas hand, layout man, and various other logistical and support roles.

He is currently a cartographer/geospatial analyst based in Austin, TX.

Charlie’s goal is to bring his entertainment, logistical, and analytical experience to making sure the experience runs smoothly on the Night in Question.

Safety Team


Stephanie Howsare

Organizer and Safety Lead

Stephanie Howsare lives in Austin, Texas but is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. A former nurse, she now runs her own small business making dicebags and other embroidered memorabilia for the gaming community. For twelve years she has run an online Vampire the Masquerade game. In the course of the game she has also introduced other elements drawn from Mage : The Ascension, Changeling: The Dreaming and Werewolf: The Apocalypse.

Stephanie brings with her an enthusiasm for the World of Darkness as it is her primary role-playing experience and detailed knowledge of the setting. Having run large, complex games over extended periods of time, she knows the issues and concerns regarding safety and organization that come up in these games.


Anne Standiford

Safety Team Member

Anne Standiford is a registered nurse with many years of experience as a medic for festivals and LARPs. A former nursing professor, she’s published several articles on role-playing as an educational tool.

She’s an avid larper and enjoys costuming, crafting, reading, and playing with her pets. Her goal as a member of the Safety Team is to make sure every player is able to feel secure to express themselves in an environment that is safe, physically and mentally.

Creative Team


Kevin Whiteside

Larpwright and Loremaster

Kevin Whiteside is a North Texan-turned-Austinite who’s been storytelling Vampire: The Masquerade LARPs for over seven years. His experience runs the gamut from the National Storytelling chain in the Mind’s Eye Society; to leading Austin’s Sabbat venue; to exploring the Final Nights of the Anarch Movement in a local troupe game.

Fired up by his experiences at The End of the Line during Grand Masquerade New Orleans, he’s also authored and run two unofficial bespoke games drawn from White Wolf’s Changeling: The Dreaming. He brings to The Night in Question a comprehensive understanding of game design and development, as well as a deep passion for the kind of stories White Wolf’s World of Darkness was created to tell.


Rachel Wilkinson

Writer and Community Outreach

Rachel Wilkinson grew up in the Midwest but now calls Houston home. Coming from a background in educational publishing, Rachel has spent over fifteen years spinning hard facts and boring numbers into entertaining books, videos, and software products. She joined the Mind’s Eye Society LARP organization in 2005, acting as a Storyteller and Coordinator for dozens of World of Darkness venues, and has played key roles in numerous conventions and related events.

After participating in The End of the Line during Grand Masquerade 2016, she became a passionate advocate for incorporating Nordic-style guidelines into American play.


Mike Skalka

Content Writer

Mike Skalka is a Washington DC native who picked up and moved to Austin in the Spring of 2013. With ten years of experience in sales, marketing, market analysis – and more recently, professional game design- he has been a vocal part of the Austin LARP community, working as a Marshal and Storyteller for Dystopia Rising Texas, and the Social Media Manager for Planetfall.

Mike’s first LARP was Vampire: The Masquerade, and White Wolf games have formed the basis for his ideas on fiction and role-play. He brings a nuanced understanding of LARP communities, game design, product delivery and customer service to The Night in Question.


Charles Harris

Content Writer

Charles has been in the Texas LARP scene for almost 10 years. He began LARPing his freshman year of high school, and spent his time working behind the scenes at NERO North Texas. He went to work on small personal projects, assisting with the creative process of LARP and gaming in general.

Charles is no stranger to intense story, world-building and backgrounds. He loves giving life to characters of his own and others. His first official job as character writer was on Jackalope Live Action Studio’s charity event A War of Our Own.


David Rickman

Content Writer

David Rickman joins the team as a contributing content writer as well as a  longtime roleplaying geek of nearly 20 years. He has run and played just about everything from high fantasy and low fantasy and onwards to sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, and modern. In particular, David has been playing and running World of Darkness as a focus for the last 5 years.

David is a writer at heart, but a technical geek by trade.


Brian Bartholomew

Content Writer

Brian Bartholomew is from the small upstate New York city of Glens Falls. He is currently employed as Process Integration Engineering Technician for product development in the semiconductor industry with nearly a decade background in quality assurance. Hobbies outside of gaming include cooking, playing bass guitar, fishing, and pretending he knows how to sing when he does karaoke.

His love of gaming began in 1989 when he was five years old and played his first game of Candyland. This has grown into a life long love for both table top and video games. He played Vampire: The Masquerade on and off from 2001 to 2003. He began playing again in 2009 when he joined Matthew Webb’s and Stef Howsares IRC game sanguinus.org, where he has been a Lead Story Teller since late 2016. His personal style of story telling for the game is dark, yet with a small dash of humor.


Tom Buchanan

Content Writer

Tom Buchanan was born and raised in Texas, but has since lived around the world, from Bulgaria to Peru, before ultimately settling in Philadelphia. He has been a lifelong fan of horror in its many mediums, with a special soft spot for the growing trend of horror becoming more interactive, through LARPs, ARGs, and increasingly innovative haunts.

His early days tabletopping largely centered on the Classic World of Darkness system, though most recently, Tom was the Storytelling Director at Dystopia Rising: New Jersey and a Storyteller there before that. He is incredibly excited to bring a Nordic approach to LARP to a classic splatterpunk environment set back in his old Texan stomping grounds, and can’t wait to see what the players do to bring it all to life.


Nik Joannou

Content Writer

Nik Joannou is from a small town just outside Manchester in the UK. He is a User Experience Designer with ten years experience in the field of designing engaging internet solutions for his clients. His most prevalent hobby is roleplay gaming, but outside of that it tends to boil down to reading, Netflix, and face-palming at the latest news cycle.

Nik got into gaming when he was 17 and living in Cyprus. Driving home from his summer night job, he heard about a LARP VtM game via the local British Forces radio station. The next morning he went into his second job as a morning manager at a small internet cafe and read up on this World of Darkness thing, thus beginning a 20 year love affair with the game.


Bek Yake

Content Writer

Bek Yake grew up in Baltimore but has since found a home in a college town in Mississippi. He was first introduced to tabletop gaming in middle school and found a connection with some of his family members that way. Years later, he was formally introduced to the World of Darkness as a college freshman and has been in love with it and the friends it’s brought him ever since.

Bek has two years experience writing and editing for his local newspaper and has written for enjoyment for many years longer than that. His other hobbies include costume design and sharing memes with his wife and friends.


John Machelski

Content Writer

John Machelski, 35, is a native of the frozen wasteland of Michigan who relocated to Texas back in 2007. He is a long time role player on many systems, beginning with AD&D at the age of 13 when he saved up for weeks of doing odd jobs around the neighborhood to buy his first Player’s Handbook. His roleplaying tastes evolved at the age of 15 when he forayed into the realm of online text-based medium when AOL was ‘the new thing’. It was there that John truly discovered his passion for creative writing and collaborative storytelling.

In 2010, when searching for an online Vampire: The Masquerade game, John stumbled across Sanguinus.org and spent three days reading the forum before building his first character. His primary motivation at the time of joining was to become as good of a writer as the players there were…He’s still working on that. He is currently a Storyteller for the site, on his second tour of duty under that mantle. John’s non-writing time is filled by working hundred hour weeks in the Texas Oil and Gas industry.


Ian Nusskern

Content Writer

Ian Nusskern is from the small city of Glens Falls in upstate New York. He is currently employed as a Tech Support Analyst for a small company which deals in automation and data management for cement distribution companies across the United States and Canada. In his free time he enjoys tabletop gaming, computer gaming, reading, and painting Warhammer 40k Minis.

He started with Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, which birthed a long time joy of collecting the books and reading the lore. His favorite lore book is Dark Ages: Europe and his favorite aspect of the game is tying in history with the dark secrets of the vampires. He started playing on Matthew Webb and Stef Howsare’s Sanguinus IRC server in 2008, and currently has the joy of serving as an ST there.

Art Team


Peyton Morris

Special Effects Director and Prop Master

Peyton Morris is a North Texas based artist with a passion for LARP and ambitious design projects. Beginning her career as a stagehand in 2005, she has since become an accomplished photographer, set designer, prop & costume creator. Since 2013, Peyton has been hired to handle photography, prop creation and prop handling for numerous LARPs around the country.

Her career in LARP began with Werewolf: The Apocalypse, and has found great inspiration in White Wolf games. She has also been an avid cosplayer since 2002, with a similar focus on horror-themed costumes. The Night in Question will provide her with a unique opportunity to create a powerful immersive setting, where players will feel as if they have fallen headlong into the World of Darkness


Michelle Elbert

Make-Up Artist, Costume Nerd and Theater Expert

Michelle Elbert is known for her fondness of dressing weird and talking funny, as well as making props that make people go “Ew”, “Ooh!”, or both. She has a B.A. in Theater with a focus in design and served as a Wardrobe Intern at Concorde Studios on Black Scorpion The Series. Between 1995 and 2011 she participated at the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire (among other ren faires) as a performer and customer.

She has spoken on costuming, cosplay, and prop building at Gallifrey One (Doctor Who Convention), Showdown at Unobtainium: Tesla vs Edison (Steampunk Festival), Maker Faire Austin, and Nerd Night Austin. In 2014 she joined the Planetfall Sci-Fi LARP team as the props lead, and now co-runs the game with her partner as Adequately Excellent Entertainment LLC.


Jack Weeks

Prop and Environment Artist

After a life of nomadic travel, Jack Weeks declared his new home in the Lone Star State. He now resides in Austin, where he earned degrees in blacksmithing and technical fabrication. He began his LARP journey in 2008 with writing and production of small parlor LARPs.

His passion for LARP continues to this day. Jack has worked in the LARP community, assisting in security policy creation and implementation for the first Living Games Conference and helping in the creation and shaping of the Dystopia Rising Arkansas Chapter under Ashley Bles. He has also written content, done photography, portrayed NPCs, created costuming, and built props for multiple LARPS, both big and small.

Jack’s focus in LARP has been and always will be to create a safer, more inclusive, more fun LARP space.